Jul 12, 2010

Blogger Interview: Nikola’s Book Blog!

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So today we have Nikola, from Nikola's Book Blog. I'm so glad to be interviewing Nikola! I only stumbled across his blog a few days ago, and he's already one of new faves. ;) He reviews all types of books. YA; Literary; Fiction; Memoirs; all that fabulousness.

Explain your blog and your mission with writing a blog. (Genres you review, how often you post, what got you into blogging.)

When I first made my book blog, I didn't know much about blogging about books, reviews, giveaways, etc. I guess I had accidentally stumbled upon a book blog or two and decided I should make one. When it comes to reviewing, I mostly review literary fiction, though my reading interests are quite diverse. I especially like chick lit, because I feel it is an often overlooked genre that is getting a bad reputation simply because there so many books that fall in it. I try to post as often as possible and it doesn't always work out.

What's your favorite part of blogging?

There's two or three things. First, I love the friendships I've started to develop with other book bloggers. Second, I love promoting authors. It's so hard to publish a book, and I think book bloggers should make it their business reviewing even self-published books, as well as e-books. Authors are wonderful people, and I love it when they contact me for a review, or when they thank me for it.

What's your least favorite?

My least favorite thing... Sometimes I feel like it's a chore. You know, there are times when you can't exactly read (maybe you're just not in the mood), but then you lose your readers and you feel guilty, etc. It's a stupid answer, I know, but I feel like I love most aspects of book blogging.

Do you participate in any memes or features?

Yes, I do, and although I hate it when people overdo it, I love taking part in them. Giving and receiving awards is always fun, Dewey's Readathon is amazing, Teaser Tuesdays, In My Mailbox, Wishlist Wednesdays... I don't necessarily do all of these every week, but it's great to sometimes freshen up. The only challenge I'm taking part in at the moment is the GLBT challenge.

What makes your blog and your reviews individual?

I'm not sure if it is all that individual, but I do try and mix up the genres of the books I'm reviewing. I especially like to review literary fiction as much as possible, and not many bloggers do that.

I notice that your reviews can get pretty lengthy. Do you feel as though you have an obligation to review books in-depth, or do you simply just get caught up in writing that it turns out to be long? LOL.

I definitely get caught up. It depends on the book, really. I like to always at least say what it is about and my personal experience with the book, but sometimes the book touches upon so many different themes, I feel I must address at least a few of them.

Who's your blog's target audience? Adults? Teens? Republicans?

I don't want my blog to have a target audience. I feel like what I write about is 85% universal. It's true that I would always choose erotica over Christian fiction, but that doesn't mean that Christians can't find anything to read about on my blog, right?

And your favorite book is: _____

As the title of my blog says, any one of Michael Cunningham's four novels - The Hours, A Home at the End of the World, Specimen Days and Flesh and Blood.

One book you read that you absolutely hated: _____

That's a hard question. I really didn't like "Alec Thrace and the Lost Medallion". Although I always tend to find at least something in a book that I can like, so that it doesn't turn out a complete disaster.

You're in a bookstore, and you can only buy one book. What do you buy?

Right now, it would be something off my wish list - probably Rupert Everett's autobiography.

Do you listen to music while you read? If so, what kind?

Very rarely. And if I do, then it must be something I don't know, so that the lyrics don't get mixed up with the words from the book. I find mellow music the best for reading, and I often choose Idina Menzel, Rufus Wainwright or Madonna's "Bedtime Stories" album as my reading soundtrack.

What's your most awkward reading habit? Wait, do you even have one?

Hmm. I always tidy my room before reading in it. I can't read in a messy room, it's just not the same. Also, I love reading in the bathtub. Sexy, huh?

VERY sexy. LOL.

What's your favorite show/movie?

I have a lot of both. My favorite shows include Queer as Folk (total fanboy), Desperate Housewives (go Lynette!), Glee, Sex and the City, Brothers and Sisters, ALIAS, etc. As for movies, my favorite movie is RENT. Besides that one, if you give me a musical on DVD for my birthday, I'll be happy. My other favorite movies include Amelie, The Piano, Pride & Prejudice, Love and Other Disasters, etc.

What's your favorite blog? Who's your favorite blogger? And why?

That's really hard. I love all the bloggers, simply because they all write according to themselves and it's really fun to read. However, one blogger whose reviews I've always found helpful and one of the few bloggers I've actually gotten to know is Amanda from zenleaf.blogspot.com One thing I love about her is that she is a straight woman who promotes GLBT literature.

Got any hobbies besides reading?

Oh yeah. I write a column (in Serbian), where I write theatre and movie reviews. I go to the theater a lot, I play tennis from time to time and go out a lot. I like to think of myself as a bonvivant.

Anything else?

I'd just like to thank you for featuring me on your fabulous blog. Seriously, everybody should follow Brent!

Make sure you guys visit Nikola at http://cunninghamfan.blogspot.com/!


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