Dec 31, 2010

A Year in Book Titles

I found this on  my friend Liz’s blog, Consumed by Books.  The rules are very simple:  fill in the blanks with titles of books you've read in 2010!


Describe Yourself: The Vast Fields of Ordinary
How do you feel: Wicked
Describe where you currently live: A Blue So Dark
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Anna and the French Kiss
Your favorite form of transportation: Wings
Your best friend is:  Classic
You and your friends are: Unbelievable
What's the weather like: Endless Summer
Favorite time of day: When the Stars Go Blue
What is life to you: Delirium
Your fear: Before I Fall
What is the best advice you have to give:  Hold Still
Thought for the Day:  Jumpstart the World
How I would like to die: Wither
My soul's present condition: Hidden


ivanova said...

OMG! I love this!

Tara said...

What a great idea!! And you picked some fab books too :)

Writer said...

Happy New Years, Brent! I passed your weblink to my sister who is a teacher in western Kentucky...she has a teenage daughter. :)

Melina said...

I love your "thought for the day" best.

Nice glitter *wink*

Jamie said...

LOVE THIS! And puhleeeze. You are anything but ordinary. :)

Liz said...

I'm glad you decided to do that. And you aren't ordinary, you're fabulous!

Bee said...

Love this! I'm gonna do this thing as well :)

Kyle Albert said...

Ah, I love the Vast Fields of Ordinary! I reviewed it here on my own blog, if you want to give it a read