Mar 8, 2011

OMINOUS by Kate Brian

cvr9781416984726_9781416984726Published 2/22/11

Ominous | Kate Brian

Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing

Paperback | 224 pp.
After the shocking revelations made in the Private prequel, The Book of Spells, Noelle and Reed know they are descendants of the original Billings Girls and their legacy includes a mysterious coven of witches. But it's nothing compared to what happens next.
One by one, Billings Girls go missing from campus.
The entire community bands together to find the lost girls, hoping they are still alive. Reed can't believe tragedy has struck Easton again, and she begins to wonder if the Billings Girls are cursed. But when the first body shows up containing a message just for her, she fears her friends are worse than cursed: they're doomed.
The penultimate book in the suspenseful Private series!
Brent’s opinion of the novel:
      The Private series is one of my favorites. And it has been a favorite, ever since the first novel in the fourteen-kajillion-book saga, Private, came out thirteen-thousand years ago (the summer before my eighth grade year). Wow! I've been in love with this series for two years.... I don't know what it is that's captured me. Either the killer plotlines or intriguing characters.  The eleventybillionth book in the Private series, OMINOUS, is a nice touch to the series end.
     Ominous picks up where Vanished left off.  Reed just found out that her and Noelle are sisters, sharing the same father.  Reed also just found out that she could be a witch, one of the Billings girls, cursed.  Random disappearances are popping up all over Easton Academy, but that’s not what Reed should be worrying about.  Her seventeenth birthday party is coming up, and she has nothing to wear! 
      The 70,000th Private novel definitely lived up to its hype. As usual, it's a fast-paced murder mystery novel with paranormal elements mixed in.  Oh, yeah, did you catch that?  Paranormal.  The first ten books in Private were these glittering murder-mysteries, and then in the eleventh, Kate Brian slapped us in the face by turning things around and making Reed & Co. witches.  I’m not real sure you can do that—turn a series paranormal right before it ends—but hey, whatever.  The books are enjoyable as ever. I’m pumped for the final book in the Private series.  The books have been great, but I’m excited to see the characters and their story come to an end.

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Gemma said...

LoveLoveLove this series! Great review!

Can't wait to read this one, have been waiting for it FOREVER. New Zealand bookstores are deliberately annoying me by not having this in store.


LoveLoveLove your blog, btw.