Mar 23, 2011

Rebecca Fjelland Davis’s Teen Garage Sale + Giveaway

Today I have author Rebecca Fjelland Davis here to share with us the items she’d sell in a garage sale as a teenager!  I also have a signed copy of her novel CHASING ALLIECAT to giveaway.  I enjoyed CHASING ALLIECAT so much, you can read my review here:

Rebecca Fjelland Davis is a novelist and YA and children's book author who lives in Minnesota. Becky is a serious cyclist and loves to write about her passions:  bicycling, dogs, farms, family, and friendship. 

Teenage Garage Sale: If you were to have a garage sale of the stuff from your teen years, what would we find there? You can assign values to things too.

     My horse’s saddle, bridle, blanket. I spent many, many hours riding my ponies, often with my best friend Bev and her horse.  I don’t think of the horses themselves as possessions to be sold. They’ve been gone a long time, but in my memory—they are friends to be treasured. 

     My three-speed bicycle that I bought in high school. It was cool.

     My single-speed Hawthorn bike with built-in headlights. (not so cool then, but now very retro).

     My confirmation Bible—that I still have, in tatters—which is both priceless and worthless.

     My sled—my brother and two guy friends and I spent winter hours on the pasture hills, finding the most dangerous and fastest descents. If that wasn’t enough, we would hook a string of sleds behind the tractor and whip them up and down our quarter-mile-long driveway. It’s a wonder nobody died.

     My softball glove—but it’s not for sale because I still have it and use it occasionally.

     A lot of homemade dresses; we didn’t get to wear pants to school until I was in 9th grade—and then, just on Fridays. Finally, in high school, we got to wear jeans my senior year. That was a big deal!  For sale: my first pair of fashion-y jeans (before name brand jeans) that zipped up the back—really cheap! Also, smocks were big. I’d sell a dozen of them for 10 cents each!

     Last: I had a collection of horse statues—my passion was horses. That would go CHEAP, cheap, cheap.

     I wasn’t as much into stuff, actually, as lots of people.  I didn’t get to collect records like my friends did because my mom thought rock music was sinful.

     I had a lot of books—those I still have, and the price is too high for a garage sale. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown a book away. ACK. Maybe I should have a sale. 


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Jessy said...

Sounds like you would ride anything you could plant your butt on. I wish I was that active. Thanks for the list, I enjoyed it.

Lauren M said...

Oh, it's so cool that your friend had a horse that you could ride! That's awesome.
And look at all those bikes! Haha.
I've never thrown away a book, either!

Ashley said...

I love these posts! It's so much fun seeing what authors remember from their teen years! I was talking to a lady I know who remembers the first pair of jeans she owned. Her aunt bought them for her and her mom was horrified! :)